Tumble byes and lullaweeds

by Shana Isadora

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An audio depiction of my life


released December 19, 2011



all rights reserved


Shana Isadora Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Music is my escape from reality, it is my meditation and my medication. I love music because it is a glimpse into the mind of the artist, it is true empathy...being able to feel a certain way, experience an emotion just by hearing a sound. music is magic. ... more

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Track Name: Valley Below
Down in the valley below, crouched by the riverside, I throw in some stones to watch the ripples collide. The chill of winters cold...reminds me that I must go, so I dip in my toes and wait for the rising tide. Sweep me away to the land of mystery where flowers grow wilt-less and children run freely, far from this sticky tar, black toxic misery, out of my energy...you'll not get the best of me
Track Name: Released!..at Peace
I don't know why I was so afraid. Helpless and meek was the hand I played. You don't hear me, I close my eyes to see. You won't believe I feel so released, vanquished the beast, finally at peace. Plastic people standing in my way, band together in your hate parade. Inside the dark there is still a light, just like the stars in the blackest night. hopeful, searching for those of kindred heart, rather I'd swim than be stuck upon your ark.
Track Name: The Five Senseless
A spec of dust, floats silently and softly through the air, it doesn't care if you notice that it's there. Little plankton drifting helpless in the sea, it could be me in a new reality. Greedy creatures, out of reachers. such narrow perception leaves for many misconceptions. You see and smell, taste hear and touch. These tools don't tell you much, they merely act as a crutch.
I wave in the wind, reflect the sun and cover all the earth, a blade of grass wonders not of what it's worth. Two beating hearts, a dreaming mind removed from space and time. A baby in the womb is free from your's and mine. Who are you? A collection of beliefs? Practices and preaches, such you dry like hungry leaches. Yet you feed them, and you breed them, to define yourself, worth while yourself you feel you need them.
Shoot the apple off my head, you don't love me if you miss, you don't love me if you miss. Let us drink to our first breaths as awakened spirits. break the curse, filled with mirth at the beauty of this earth.
Track Name: Cast away your yesterdays
Cast away your yesterdays, we'll make our escape before daybreak. so who will go? and who will die frighting? for what we came for they take. never to know the out come of the battle, leave it to yesterday. Alleyways, drunken mistakes, to obliterate our undying fate. out from the oceans and down from the heavens their eyes as black as space, they hold out a mirror, see clearer your fears sir are magically erased. Soon we'll play a new melody, the rocks and the trees sing our endless praise. the snow covered mountain goddess in the distance, vales of clouds to hide her face. they come from far and near to see what goes on hear and touch divine grace.
Track Name: Angel Knight
I live in a sea of wild flowers, where the fairies sleep in their bowers. bees and butterflies sing lullabies for hours and hours, as the queen recharges her powers. dandelions let out a roar, chained outside the palace door. with fireflies as candlelight, she awaits her angel knight.
Heard a song long ago, in a crystal ball of snow. I lost my heart by the roadside, guess the mountains got me high. dandelions let out a roar, chained outside the palace door. with fireflies as candlelight, she awaits her angel knight.
And the wind feels light your skin, caressing my body and I can see your eyes peering through the sunset. I see your face, deep inside the mountain and I can feel your heart, beating like the wings of the eagle in flight. waiting for my angel knight.